The main purpose of the festival “Pyrzyce Meetings with Folklore” is to spread regional tradition and folk culture and to present folk culture of other nations, as well as revival, popularization and further activation of groups cultivating folk traditions in the field of dance, singing, music, handicrafts and crafts – in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect for one’s own identity with particular emphasis on the changes taking place in contemporary folk art and the preservation of the traditional folk message.

OTHER OBJECTIVES: – developing cognitive values ​​and transferring native traditions to the young generation and including them in the list of good practices
– positive influence on the development of traditional culture not only in Pyrzyce but also in the whole region, which helps to confirm the local identity (disappearance of shyness and pride of origin)
– creating an impulse for the program development of all teams in the region (mobilization to create an ambitious program of introducing new (traced) songs and customs „to the stage”
– fertilizing the social foundation to create more folklore bands and associations as a means of identification and self-affirmation (determining own originality)
– development of the region’s cultural richness, synonymous with the existence of a base of original artistic and social investments
– showing the form of both entertaining and didactic folkor
– increasing interest among local communities (and visitors) in traditions, customs and folk customs, especially of school children
– promotion and activation of local artists from the area covered by the project (including exchange of experience), introduction of folklore to the sphere of everyday life, denying the view that folk culture is a hermetic realm; breaking down ethnic barriers; promoting and supporting folk culture by private entrepreneurship as an attractive and unconventional form of advertising in the country and abroad; direct involvement in activities in the field of broadly understood folk culture, especially young people (handicrafts, folk crafts, folklore groups, etc.), cultivating and strengthening regional identity while maintaining the diversity of tradition, achievements and cultural heritage; further continuation and development of the enterprise.

FESTIVAL on the substantive side is the revitalization of the intangible cultural heritage in the field of practicing and continuing tradition, assuming a revival, popularization and activation of groups cultivating folk traditions in the field of dance, music and singing, handicrafts and crafts, regional culinary dishes – in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect own identity (so-called roots), with particular emphasis on the changes taking place in contemporary folk art, as well as the preservation of traditional folk message and its archiving using audiovisual techniques and creating conditions for developing creative activity.

The event perfectly fits the needs of the audience and every year gathering a larger group of recipients who want to spend their free time in a different way. Pyrzyce, folklore, pageantry, folk ensembles are „the key words” that are recognizable for the whole event in the whole region and Poland.

Due to the growing interest of direct participants, as well as communities living in the West Pomeranian and Lubuskie provinces and numerous visitors to the German community region (border area, German partnerships), the event formula was expanded, presenting alongside the achievements of folk and folk bands (about 20 entities) also handicraft products , craft and traditional culinary art.

The project has both an outdoor character (a concert stage in the square, a pageant through the streets of the city, a park) and a stationary one (interiors of the Pyrzyce’s Cultural Center, in Hospital,at School, Church, etc.)

In addition, a debate with audience participation, film review, radio broadcasting, folk dance workshops, craft workshops, the „fair” formula, activities in the city space (happening and performance), numerous meetings of creators and teams in individual villages and even at the hospital and school, and concerts of individual bands (except Pyrzyce) in the zachodniopomorskie and lubuskie (the Festival is a partner of the Agreement of Folklore Festivals in the West Poland and Lithuania).

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